Diana P. Wade - Disability Advocate

Disability Advocates of Central California, Inc.

Practice Limited to Social Security Disability and SSI serving Central California since 1995

Thank you for visiting my web site. As you can see, my business is helping people enhance their chances of winning their Social Security disability benefits. I am a non-attorney specializing in helping people get the benefits they deserve.

There are two kinds of Social Security Disability programs. If you have ever worked at a job, you have paid into the system of Social Security Disability. SSI is a federal welfare program. If you are low income and not eligible for other Social Security programs, you may apply for SSI. In either case, you deserve the best possible chance to receive benefits if you are totally disabled. Both programs require a person to be disabled under the Social Security Guidelines. There are slight differences to both programs.

You may have already discovered that just applying for benefits is not enough. The Social Security disability system is complex with many ways of being denied. If you truly believe you are disabled, you must be willing to fight for your benefits. However, it would not be wise to tackle SSA alone. You need the help of those who have been specifically trained dealing with the Social Security disability system. Many attorneys are not trained to handle these types of cases and may require a large up-front retainer.

I believe I have a more effective way of fighting for your rights. I do not charge an up-front fee, just 25% of the back benefits, with a maximum of $6,000.00 (there are exceptions for continuing disability reviews).

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